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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the Children CASA Volunteers Help?
Judges appoint CASA volunteers to represent the best interests of children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. There are not enough CASA volunteers to represent all of the children in care, judges typically assign CASA volunteers to their most difficult cases.

How Many CASA Programs Are There?
There are 23 CASA programs in Kansas representing 24 judicial districts.

Who Are CASA Volunteers?
CASA volunteers are everyday citizens who have undergone screening and training with their local CASA program

How are CASA volunteers assigned to cases?
Judges typically assign CASA volunteers to the most difficult and complex cases involving physical or sexual abuse and neglect. Several other factors are also considered in making this decision:

  • The instability of the child's current placement
  • The presence of conflicting case information
  • Concerns about the implementation of special services, such as medical care, counseling and education assistance

What are the qualifications to become a CASA volunteer?

 The vast majority of cases last one to two years, and the amount of time spent on a case per month typically ranges between 10-20 hours.

Objectivity: Volunteers research case records and speak to everyone involved in a child's life, including their family members, teacher, doctor, lawyer, social worker and others.

Communication skills: Once a volunteer has fully evaluated a case, they prepare a written report outlining their recommendation for the child's placement.

Volunteer Resources

Your local CASA program provides ongoing training and support for every volunteer. Each volunteer is assigned a case supervisor who is a resource for the volunteer every step of the way.