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Board & Staff

Who We Are

Kansas CASA Association Staff

Kansas CASA Association staff provide an array of services to local programs.

Kansas CASA Association Board

The Kansas CASA Association, seeks passionate, strategic, and visionary members to serve on its board of directors .  Kansas CASA  Board members serve as stewards of KCA's mission, create new and innovative strategies for growth, elevate the profile and presence of KCA in the state, promote active participation and growth of the membership and donor base, and ensure overall benefit to KCA and its membership.

The purpose of a Kansas CASA board member is to  determine policies, procedures and regulations for the conduct of the agency, to raise funds to finance the organization and its programs, and to monitor organizational performance.

The Kansas CASA Association has a Nominating Committee that recruits, vets, and onboards potential KCA Board Members. If you are interested in serving on the Kansas CASA Association Board of director please email,