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Executive Director
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Advocate Coordinator
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Ex Officio Board Members:
Diana Frederick
CASA Director
Jill LaPoint
Ambassador President
Erin Feller
Kappa Alpha Theta Philanthropy Director
Jean F. Shepherd
Honorary Board Member

Georgia Orchard

The desire to help children started long ago for Georgia Orchard. "I had my first CASA assignment in 1993," Georgia says. "I had become interested in learning about children involved in the courts because of their home lives. I was a school psychologist and spent a lot of time with other children as well as my own." What has been rewarding about being a CASA? "I especially enjoy seeing the children delight in the activities we do together. They love to learn and don't even know they are learning." The ultimate reward is "seeing the children put in the best homes for them. Sometimes they go back with their parent. Sometimes they are better in a warm, loving adoptive home. One group of three I followed for 5 years; it was fun to see them change from lost souls to reasoning, lovable children." Douglas County CASA is fortunate to have Georgia Orchard as a volunteer and advocate. "If you want to help others and enjoy children," she states, "CASA is a good place for you."