CASA of the 31st Judicial District



Aimeé Daniels
Executive Director
Richie Mentzer
ACC Work-Study Intern

Board of Directors

Cindy Adams
Board President
Cynthia Jacobson
Mark Lair
Kelly Diller
Board Secretary
Judith Stark
Board Member
Mary Knapp**
Board Member
Jim Porter
Board Member
Michael Hofer
Board Member
Becky Leis
Board Member
Phillip Honeycutt
Board Member
Amy Welch
Board Member

Janice Parker

Janice is a retired employee of Rural Water Department and a farmer, who joined CASA in 2005 as one of the first trainees in our program.

She is a very active advocate and has handled 6 cases for CASA children. She currently has 2 cases open, one in Allen County, a young child, and one in Wilson County, a teenager. Janice works very hard on her CASA investigations and on submitting factual reports to the court. At home Janice has grown children and now enjoys helping out with her own grandchildren. She is a huge asset to our program at CASA of the 31st Judicial District, serving Allen, Neosho, Wilson and Woodson counties in Southeast Kansas.