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Barbara Straight

Barbara describes herself as a “behind the scenes worker,” but those who know her, know that she is the woman to get the job done. 

             One of her coworkers shared with us how Barbara has always had a passion to “help” students.  Her coworker recalled a student that had a very troubled home life.  He didn’t care whether his math or science was completed.  Many times this student came to Barbara to visit about an upsetting episode that occurred the night before. 

Barbara saw his cry for help.  She continuously wanted to get into his inner circle and help him make positive changes to help him find his way to success in the classroom, his family, and life out of school.  Being a fan of the arts, she introduced her class to interactive plays.  Barbara exposed the students to plays by video, sharing experiences from Carnegie Arts. This certain student was hooked.  He had a natural way of speaking and acting correctly while performing in class plays.

The class walked to the Depot for an experience of showing the students how and where live performances are shown.  Again, this student came alive while walking on the stage and seeing the props.  Our volunteer took the time to get this little guy involved in a “real” performance.  Barbara drove him to practices and stayed involved with his improving acting skills.  It just takes someone to care.  That someone was Barbara, she turned that little guy around and he started making better decisions at school.  Since he couldn’t perform without passing grades (her rule) guess what?  He started doing his daily assignments. She changed his life in fifth grade.  I know this young man remembers what our volunteer did to help improve his attitude, trust, and community responsibilities. I do know she treated her students genuinely day in and day out.  Her coworker said she was lucky to have worked with Barbara for many years.  She made a difference.

In 2010 Barbara became a CASA volunteer.  Having adopted her own children, she knew the ins and outs of the imperfect court system and uses this knowledge to help the families she works with.  During her years as a volunteer, Barbara has worked tirelessly to provide resources to the families to help them succeed.  Due to her loving nature, the children easily feel comfortable with Barbara.  She goes out of her way to help others and genuinely cares about others.

A former student of Barbara’s, was a mother of a family she worked with. The mother struggled to get along with others on the case team.  When our volunteer was assigned to the case, the parent remembered her and knew she could trust her.  Because of the prior relationship this parent had with Barbara, she was able to make the needed changes and her children were allowed to return home.  

Not only does Barbara work on cases, she also helps each year on the Chocolate Dreams planning committee, as “behind the scenes” help.   There is nothing Barbara cannot do.  Thank you to our 2016 Volunteer of the Year—Barbara Straight!