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Gretchen Malone

Words like loyal, kind, optimis-tic and trusting describe Gretchen Malone. Her sister-in-law, Paula, knew these were the same qualities needed from a CASA volunteer and knew she had to talk to Gretchen about becoming a volunteer. Gretch-en joined CASA in 2011. In that time she has worked with two families and a total of four children.
Since her husband Terry is an attorney, Gretchen has an above average knowledge of the law. This knowledge came in handy when working a case where the child was in danger of some legal issues herself. Gretchen gathered the facts and was able to help the child out of her dilemma. This same child has since aged out of foster care and still turns to Gretchen for advice.
Even when life got busy for Gretchen, she stayed in contact with her CASA kids and would often send them cards and gifts from the places she’d traveled.
Gretchen knew one of her CASA kids would not be getting a gradua-tion celebration. She quickly sprang into action and coordinated a wonder-ful party with balloons and lots of food!! I wish you could have witnessed the smile on that child’s face that day! It was a day that she will not soon for-get.
When Gretchen comes into the CASA office, we know there will be lots of laughter and smiles. We also know that we’ll easily get side-tracked and start talking about her family and then she’ll pull out her phone to show us the newest pictures of her grandchildren. Before long, an hour has gone by and we’ve totally forgotten why she came into the office!!
Gretchen is just an overall fun person to be around, not only to the professionals she comes in contact with, but also for the children she works with.